An Early, Operatic Gem: Cavalli's 'Veremonda'


THE HIT SINGLE: "When I Am with You"

In Part One, a gentle duet between Queen Veremonda (mezzo-soprano Vivica Geneaux) and King Alfonso (countertenor Andrey Nemzer) establishes the opera's reversal of traditional gender roles. He's glad for her support with his "arduous studies," while she leans on his generous spirit to help her bear the "heavy and cruel weapons" of impending battle.

THE B SIDE: Zelemina's Lament

As the story is closing, Veremonda's army of warrior maidens has led the capture of Gibraltar. In one of the opera's most purely expressive moments, The Moorish Queen Zelemina (soprano Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli) hails Veremonda as the victor, and begs for pardon.