Stealing a Little Thunder: 'The Barber of Seville'


THE HIT SINGLE: "Contro un cor …"

Rosina's first act aria "Una voce poco fa" is so popular that it tends to upstage her spectacular number from Act Two, in which Rosina (mezzo-soprano Chiara Amarù) sings "Against a loving heart." She affirms her love for the disguised Count Almaviva as he gives her a phony music lesson, with the clueless Bartolo dozing in the background. Almaviva (tenor Juan Francisco Gatell) joins in part way through, but -- as always in this opera -- Rosina is running the show.

THE "B" SIDE: "Largo al factotum"

In Act I, Figaro (baritone Vito Priante) introduces himself, and his many talents, with one of the most famous numbers in opera, "Largo al factotum" -- often known simply as "The Figaro Aria."